75+ Years of Educational Excellence

Being the second oldest academic institution or school in the country and having served the country with more than 75 years of educational excellence and prestige, our vision is to be the best and most preferred school in the country.

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Wall of Fame

School Time is first and foremost a school where children are happy, confident and enthusiastic learners. In the summer term of 2015 we had a successful inspection.

Clubs and Associations

There are two classes for each year group with a total of 420 pupils from Reception to Year 6. Attainment has been consistently ‘outstanding’ for the last five years.

Uniform Bodies

Whilst we aim to ensure every child reaches their full potential academically, they are also taught that they can be successful in many different ways. This could be anything.

" United We Stand, Divided We Fall "

- School Motto -


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Time Table

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Activity Calendar

A place where we hope inspire and create long love of reading.

Assembly Roster

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Sports Calender

Our school enjoys a rich and thriving best students experience.

Exams - OL/AL

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75+ Years of Educational Excellence







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